Listen to This: The Adventure Zone

Forever ago, in a past life, I wrote about My Brother, My Brother and Me (MBMBaM for short), ostensibly an advice podcast from the brothers McElroy: Justin, Travis and sweet baby Griffin. Since then, the show has become a flagship of a podcast empire, with the brothers and their friends, family and significant others tackling everything from medical history to etiquette to the Bachelor/ette series. I was fortunate enough to catch the show when it came through D.C. last year, as the boys discussed swampy grundles in the historic Lincoln Theatre (Episode: MBMBaM 306: Foggy Bottoms). And shoot, those are just their audio ventures! Video adventures like Monster Factory, where Justin and Griffin hop into the character creation engine of video games to create abominations unto the Lord, and Griffin’s Amiibo Corner, where Griffin reviews the Nintendo-produced figurines before trying to fit them into his gob, are as funny as anything being produced by television networks nowadays.

Even with all those works, one in particular, The Adventure Zone, has emerged as a standout in its long-form storytelling. In it, the brothers and their father Clint have been playing a multi-arc campaign of Dungeons and Dragons for the last near-three years, concluding today, on Episode 69 no less (nice!), in an over two-and-a-half hour finale. As the show has wound towards its conclusion, Griffin, the dungeon master for this campaign, has masterfully woven characters and themes from the entire series, collaborating with his players to retroactively lend significance to nearly everything that’s happened in the series. Before I disappear into this finale for the next bit of time, I just wanted to go on the record recommending this show to anyone who…well, let’s just stop at anyone. I MEAN GRIFFIN EVEN MAKES THE MUSIC HIMSELF WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT.

Listening to the family learn and goof their way through D&D has been an unexpected and immense pleasure, and I’ve been looking forward to this finale as much as any piece of media this year. While this isn’t the end of the podcast as a whole, merely this campaign, I can’t wait to see where they go next, but for now, take some time to catch up on this fantastic series, wherever you get your podcasts.

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