All The Opening To ALL THAT JAZZ

The Criterion Collection (previously praised here) released Bob Fosse’s ALL THAT JAZZ to home video earlier this month. Having never seen the film before, I came away from my viewing in awe, and actually turned around and re-watched the film immediately, just to make sure it wasn’t some delirious fever dream.

The film, based partially on director Bob Fosse’s career as a choreographer, director, producer and dancer, stars Roy Scheider [JAWS (The film, not the Bond villain)] as Joe Gideon, a pill-popping, womanizing hedonist who is dealing with the stress of creating a new stage show while also editing a film, each with its own producers and demands. Add to that the stress in his personal life, and Gideon proceeds to careen headfirst into a physical breakdown. The film features sequences that are at turns sublime and surreal, doused in dark humor. To advertise the release, Criterion posted the first sequence from the film online, and it is included below.

The film is a masterpiece and has quickly become one of my all-time favorites. Sadly, it’s not available through any of the streaming services, but you can pick up a copy from Amazon here.

ALL THAT JAZZ (Criterion Collection)