Rose's Luxury's Pork Sausage, Habañero and Lychee Salad

This summer, I was able to experience two of the best meals of my life at places that sit nearly one whole United States away from each other. One of those meals was at Rose’s Luxury, located right down the (heavily congested and/or constructed) road in Washington, DC, which is troublingly close to me. Recently lauded as the best new restaurant in America by Bon Appétit Magazine, one of the restaurant’s signature dish is a delicious mix of pork sausage, lychee and about a dozen other ingredients. After taking a bite, I wanted to fill a swimming pool with it and live inside it forever. Or at least until it spoiled.

Fortunately, for those who can’t make it to DC, or who don’t want to brave the sometimes lengthy lines for a table (the restaurant doesn’t take reservations), Bon Appétit also published the recipe for the salad and a few other beloved items from the menu.

Find the recipe for the salad here (Bon Appétit)
Find the feature article on Rose’s Luxury, including a day in the life of chef-owner Aaron Silverman here (Bon Appétit)