Podcast Recommendation: The Travel Bug with August Lindt

Previously, in podcast news, I’ve shamelessly plugged My Brother My Brother and Me and Welcome to Night Vale. Today, I come to you with a recommendation for a specific episode of a series. While the entire short-run series The Andy Daly Podcast Pilot Project, in which TV’s Andy Daly (star of the fantastic Comedy Central series REVIEW) and Matt Gourley present potential podcast concepts with characters voiced by Daly, Gourley and an assorted mess of their comedian friends, is great, there is one episode that stands above the rest. The Travel Bug with August Lindt features a cavalcade of German accents, as Andy Daly voices host August Lindt, a pretzel maker and world traveler who adores every place he visits on Earth, as he welcomes other famous Germans to offer their opinions on world travel.

Matt Gourley voices H.R. Giger, the artist most famous for his design of the worlds of the ALIEN film franchise, Matt Besser voices former Pope Benedict XVI and the omnipotent Paul F. Tompkins Werner Herzog, director and real star of the film JACK REACHER, and the results are frequently hilarious. Everyone gets a chance to contribute, whether it’s Lindt’s relentless enthusiasm, Giger’s low testosterone levels, Herzog’s relentless fatalism or the former Cardinal Ratzinger’s newfound love of pot, the show is frequently punctuated by Tompkins’ off-mic laughter, which is almost as funny as the proceedings themselves. And that’s BEFORE Lindt’s wife and children make an appearance. It’s rare that I’ll go back and listen to an episode of a podcast again, but I’ve gone through this one a few times already, and it’s become one that I’ll frequently turn to whenever a laugh is needed.

Listen to it below, and find the rest of the shows in The Andy Daly Podcast Pilot Project here.