A Tour of Grado Labs

Inside an unassuming house in Brooklyn, some of the best audio components in the world are created by the folks at Grado Labs. Originally in the business of phono cartridges, Grado later expanded to headphones, one of which, the MS-2i, I’m proud to be wearing right now. The headphones have a really beautiful, distinct style, and sound great with just about every kind of music you can throw at it, with guitar and female vocals performing exceptionally well.


A multigenerational family business (the building previously housed the family’s fruit shop until the late 50s), many of the components are constructed directly on premises, and nearly all of their products are hand-assembled inside the building. TechCrunch recently took a tour of the building and spoke with some of the people involved in the creation of these devices, and We Shop American, which focuses on products crafted in…wait for it…America, recently interviewed Jon Grado, VP of marketing.

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